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Reef problem

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Ooooh..making cliff using GMAX.. I was thinking if that was possible to do too.I suspect the reason you are seeing that is... the Mesh resolution changes as you move away..and hence the elevation that is adjacent to your GMAX object changes while your GMAX object remains the same. Unless you adjust your LOD level to such with how the MEsh adjusts, in which case you can sync up the too. But thats too much work. You know what I mean. Say, you clone that cliff in GMAX and name it filename_LOD_75 then resize that new cloned Cliff so its hight is much lower (as low as you see the main land getting lowered), then at 75m (assuming that the main land is getting lowered at 75m), they would sync up.But this could also run you into trouble..cause..people tend to use different mesh and resolution settings all the time.Have you tried moving the GMAX cliff much closer to the land? this the land goes down and up, your Gmax also rises and falls with it rather than staying relative to the sea level?I am not 100% sure. I must be insane giving scenery advice, when I just recently started myself.Hmmmm... MannyBTW, your reef looks spectacular.You may also want to post at and when you do find the solution, please come back and post that here.

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