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A tip how to save fps and a question...

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TipI'm not too often in this forum, so maybe this is allready common knowledge.I have realized, that when you use one and the same aircraft (let's say AC#10) for more than one flightplan and it happens that multiple "copies" of this AC#10 park one beside the other at the same airport, a dramatically loss of fps will occure. But when you instead have the same plane in different folders in your aircraft library, you give them different names in the aircraft.cfg and assign them diffeenrt AC#s, e. g. AC#10, A#11, AC#12 etc. and it happens that AC#10, AC#11 and AC#12 park one beside the other at the same aiport, then you won't have much loss of fps.Only disadvantage: while this saves FPS, it vastes disk space and increases the loading time of the sim.On my system this is valid for all aircraft, no matter if they are generally heavy on frames as POSKY or lightweights like Aardvark, FSPainter or Poject AI. QuestionDoes anybody know the reason for this?Thanks in advance for any replies.Wolfgang

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