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Air France Caravelle Mk III repaint

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Thanx Ken!I made this one for the hospitality my French cohorts have given me. I'm just hoping that at some point some one over there maybe able to help me figure out how to port over dlls to the Mac. Especially with the little Programming knowledge I have. Considering that I have had the priveledge to use Fly II on a PC with all the added windowsonly addons/enhancements, fact is, almost anything programed on PC should also be able to be mirrored on Mac. I used to program in C but I haves't done it in a very long time, I am now reconsidering going back into that programming realm. but I am confronted with very unique problems that only a person who is trying to learn two languages at the same time faces.sorry to rant, though!I just want to say that i would like to see some enhancements for the Mac but it feels like I'm doing this all alone. :-sword anyway, I am very lucky to have fly II on both a mac and a PC of comprable performance which allowed me to bring everyone the caravelle, but the experience I get using Fly II on a Mac just doesn't compare to when I use a PC:-badteeth thanx Kenroman

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