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Lars Peter

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Ah-hah!Thanks Lars-Peter. I had wondered why all my mpegs still played OK but my (vast) avi collection had the stutters! They WOULD play but at about 2 frames/second :-( Avi? Wasn't that replaced by mpeg? Not exactly. Whilst mpegs are smaller files, avis can be edited frame-by-frame in many graphics programs, which few people seem to know. This allows you to remove offending glitches easily (just find the frames where the iris 'flashed' and delete them then recompile), alter titles, add hand-drawn notes and voice/mind baloons, even add still images or a quick animation. Very handy. If you really NEED the resolution and can afford a decent mpeg editing suite, fine. I just like to stuff around :-hahI'll try this out. Thanks again.:-waveJon Point*************************(*************************

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