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  1. Hello. It is a method to tune down the rapid flashing strobes. Have a go at changing the emitter properties of the fx file pointed to in your aircraft.cfg file eg. [lights] light.1 = 3, 40.40, 0, 10.55, fx_beaconh light.2 = 3, 12.00, 0, -11.00, fx_beaconb light.3 = 3, -102.6, 0.0, 1.75, fx_navwhih light.4 = 2, -102.9, 0.0, 5.65, fx_strobeh GoTo ..\effects\fx_strobeh.fx Open it in notepad and change this value: [Library Effect] Lifetime=5 Version=2.00 Radius=-1 Priority=0 [Properties] [Emitter.0] Lifetime=0.00, 0.00 Delay=0.00, 0.00 Bounce=0.00 No Interpolate=1 Rate=0.50, 0.50 <-----------------------Change this X Emitter Velocity=0.00, 0.00 Y Emitter Velocity=0.00, 0.00 etc. Make all emitter sub codes the same there could be any number of them according to the complexity. Lars Peter.
  2. Lars Peter

    FS 9.95 never looked so good.

    Hello. I have never calculated the fps With my mashine, but it is always over 29 whitch is the error value factor for human eyes to discover. That Depends on every mashine With other Addons than mine, Sceenery, Aircrafts, AI flightplans etc. If you have stutters With this high seetings, just tone it Down a little, may be 9.5 or less. My Mashine is : Dell Alionware With Geforce GTX 460 Upgraded drivers only. Lars Peter.
  3. Lars Peter

    FS 9.95 never looked so good.

    Hello. My cfg,settings is like this to decrease blurries. [TERRAIN] TERRAIN_ERROR_FACTOR=90.000000 TERRAIN_MIN_DEM_AREA=10.000000 TERRAIN_MAX_DEM_AREA=200.000000 TERRAIN_MAX_VERTEX_LEVEL=20 TERRAIN_TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=8 TERRAIN_AUTOGEN_DENSITY=2 TERRAIN_USE_GRADIENT_MAP=1 TERRAIN_EXTENDED_TEXTURES=1 TERRAIN_DEFAULT_RADIUS=12.500000 TERRAIN_EXTENDED_RADIUS=40.000000 TERRAIN_EXTENDED_LEVELS=4 This setting is optimal for my computer. Very Nice thread and very Nice screenshots. Lars Peter.
  4. Lars Peter

    Norway freeware - absolutely incredible

    FSX Norway mesh download here.!AHfL8lRFgUzwLCk Lars Peter.
  5. Lars Peter

    Norway freeware - absolutely incredible

    Hello Randy. You can use this site for downloads. Click on the download menu airports of Norway, and a New menu will pop up With photopac 1 and 2 to choose from. Lars Peter.
  6. Lars Peter

    Norway freeware - absolutely incredible

    Yes. The large files is a "must have files", to make this addon to make sense. The Complete addon With all files installed, is for me a real taste of high detailed scenery of Norway. Many thanks to the Developers, working on this many hours on free time for Our hobby. Lars Peter.
  7. Lars Peter

    Norway freeware - absolutely incredible

    Hello. The large files like photoreal1 is also available from this link: This is faster than 6 hours. Lars Peter.
  8. Hello. I still have a lot of addons stored on DVD and diskettes. Aircrafts and scenery. FU3 is still one of the best "feeling of flight simulator". Nice to see this forum is not dead. Lars Peter.
  9. Lars Peter

    streaming live atc while in fsx

    Hello. A lot of times I use The Sola Airport ATC With Both FSX and FS9. It covers 24 hour of Ground-Tower-Stavanger Control. Lars Peter.
  10. Hello. A low level flight around Lofoten area in Norway. Onboard camera with F-16. Lars Peter.
  11. Yes. 1970 With Fokker F-28 Fellowship BRAATHENS SAFE From Oslo to Stavanger. I was 12 years old. In Stavanger I was invited in to the Braathens hangars to have a closer look at all the aircrafts that was in for maintance. My uncle was working there, so I was invited to sit in the Captain seat of both Fokker jet, and DC-7 propeller aircraft. It was a great day, and I will never forget it. Lars Peter.
  12. Lars Peter

    Delta to retire it's last DC-9 on Jan. 6, 2014

    Hello. My first flights with DC-9-40 Was during my military service in Norway 1978 Together with the C-130 Hercules, we was also transported a lot with he DC-9 between Gardermoen AB and Bardufoss AB. At that time the SAS aircraft looked like this. My latest flight with the MD-80 was in 2002, Tromsoe to Oslo. SAS retired the last MD-80 in october 2013. A very good Aircraft Lars Peter.
  13. Lars Peter

    Norway! UPDATED

    Hello. Use this links: Airport-Scenery: Mesh:!AHfL8lRFgUzwLCk Note: You have to log in. with your msn. user-password to download. Lars Peter.
  14. Hello.All FU2 and FU3 will install with all addons within the win.95-98-98SE win.XP without problems. including all the addons produced from 1997/2007.Lars Peter.:-wave About WIN.VISTA, new platform, no good for me...