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  1. My favorite...so far :LMAO: Bruno
  2. At least one good result of this silly dispute between two talented posters (one of them a non-native english speaker, which might help understand his poor choice of words) is that everyone following this thread looked up the true meaning of "deep stall". Al, whether the plane was - or wasn't - in a "pretty deep" stall is a moot point. The hard - and heartbreaking - fact (among many other heartbreaking facts that took place that night) seems to be that the plane was recoverable and that none of the crew mentioned the word "stall" (or applied corrective action against it long enough) until it was too late. Tom. While the plane can switch automatically to TOGA mode with the throttle in the normal CL flight detent under certain conditions (cf ALPHA FLOOR/TOGA LK, etc.), the throttle can also be moved manually to the TOGA detent and this is apparently what happened if you read the BEA report. Bruno
  3. Assuming you mean "hang out outside of the taxiway", for your information, this is also true for the 747. And it has been so at most airports for the past 40+ years... Bruno
  4. As mentionned correctly by previous posters : - the size increase was planned from the beginning by Airbus for future versions. - to my knowledge, no decision to produce the future, longer versions (-900, -1000 etc.) has been made yet. - ALL planes in production develop cracks, at one stage or another during their service life. - in the early seventies, Boeing also had a hard time marketing the 747 because of its size and perceived over-capacity. One can assume the same is true for Airbus, hence the decision to stay with the -800 for the time beeing. Finally, yes, the A380 is probably not the sleekest - or best looking - plane around (and, as a matter or personal opinion, I never considered the 747 to be that nice either...). But I agree that the longer fuselage lenght in future versions will improve the looks. In the meantime, do take a closer look at the 380 wing and you'll see there's beauty in this beast. Bruno
  5. A search in this forum will show multiple posts by rw 737 pilots stating that Boeing's officiel policy (or recommendation) is to turn off AT when AP is off. Bruno
  6. To keep the list short, I'll mention only the planes where I have been in the cockpit (in flight) :Concorde :( Boeing 707 and 727Airbus A319/320Boeing 777I have some stick time in a few GA a/c (Cessna, DR, CR100) but mainly in ultralight planes (Pioneer, FK9, Skyranger, Coyote...)BrunoPS (edit) : In my "oldies but goldies" list, I also have the Viscount...plus Caravelle, Comet, Trident, Bac 1-11, DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, TriStar, Super Constellation and DC-6 (and the Dassault Mercure, for those who may have heard of it). But I've never been (yet) on a 737NG (duh !) :(
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