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  1. My favorite...so far :LMAO: Bruno
  2. A search in this forum will show multiple posts by rw 737 pilots stating that Boeing's officiel policy (or recommendation) is to turn off AT when AP is off. Bruno
  3. To keep the list short, I'll mention only the planes where I have been in the cockpit (in flight) :Concorde :( Boeing 707 and 727Airbus A319/320Boeing 777I have some stick time in a few GA a/c (Cessna, DR, CR100) but mainly in ultralight planes (Pioneer, FK9, Skyranger, Coyote...)BrunoPS (edit) : In my "oldies but goldies" list, I also have the Viscount...plus Caravelle, Comet, Trident, Bac 1-11, DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, TriStar, Super Constellation and DC-6 (and the Dassault Mercure, for those who may have heard of it). But I've never been (yet) on a 737NG (duh !) :(
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