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Great GF3 Ti200 vs GF4 Ti4200 vs GF4 MX460 review

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Finally a review that pits apples to apples. This is one of the only reviews I've ever seen that is fair enough to compare overclocked results to overclocked results among all the cards. Its actually a review of the top notch Gainward GF4 Ti4200, but it includes for comparison:Chaintech GF4 Ti-4600Gainward GF4 Ti-4200Gainward GF4 MX-460Gainward GF3 Ti-200Considering the latter three are all within similar price range, its a great selection. While only four benchmarks are used (3DMark2001, Quake III of course and Serious Sam I and II) and none of them are sim related, this still gives a great shootout to compare cards with and decide what to lay your money down on (relatively little I might add for such performance). It also includes 2x AA on all the cards, both standard clocked and overclocked for comparison. The only thing missing is 4xAA and Anisotropic results, but the new v32 drivers out tomorrow should drastically improve Aniso performance on all Nvidia cards from what I've seen.Highly recommended read for those still unsure what to purchase: a separate note: that thread with the FUD concerning the Athlon XP 2100+ is hilarious! :-). On a related note, look for the 2200+ TBred Athlon to be released on Monday the 10th, with the higher clocks comming around the 16th to the end of the month... Here's the new TBred's on their way:Atlon XP 2200+ (1.8 GHz)Atlon XP 2300+ (1.867 GHz)Atlon XP 2400+ (1.933 GHz)Atlon XP 2500+ (2.0 GHz))Take care,

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