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    Rainbow Makers




    The people behind the repainter's brush

    A series of interviews by William Reynolds

    Reporter Avsim.com


    My first “brush” with a Flight Simulator came after visiting a friend, who proceeded to show me his new Flight Simulator and perform an impressive flight in a Douglas DC-3!


    It was FS4....a few months later, another friend gave me FS5 for my birthday...and when I visited his home, he proceeded to show me this new “internet” thing and how he could download new liveries for his FS5 aeroplanes....WOW....I could actually fly in an American Airlines 737!! How cool was that!


    Fast forward (quite) a few years, and the world of repainters is better known...no longer obscure characters doing wonderful things with who-knows-what, they are active members of the different Virtual Aviation communities, releasing ever impressive schemes and helping those who wish to learn the art.


    So how hard could it be? I thought “heck, I will give this a go, will become a world famous repaint artist”....took 3 hours of my night, at the end of which my 6 year old daughter said to my wife....”Daddy is very grumpy!”....no, I would not be a world famous repaint artist, I would be an anonymous (but satisfied) user of the marvellous work performed by these talented individuals.


    Another old friend, who is an active repainter advised – after he finished laughing at me – that a repainter needs to have childish hyper excitement, coolness of a surgeon, determination of a hungry dog and an ability to lose friends first pioneered by Hannibal Lecter!


    So who are they? How did they start? How can they possibly come up with the artwork, the precision, the initiative? I browsed our own Avsim File Library as well as the forums, and what struck is the amount of individuals giving their time and talent to everybody’s enjoyment...I then decided it would be great to know them... I approached 3 well known repainters, out of the hundreds in Avsim alone., just 3 individuals who could hopefully give me a “cross-section”, an explanation as to how this art comes so seemingly effortlessly to some and bleeding impossible to others (like me)....so I asked Stephen Stubbs, Mike Pearson and Marcelo Fabian Veneziale....


    Coming Next, a very informal conversation with these 3 artists...

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