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    Aircraft Design Guide Book 6


    The final book in the Aircraft Design Guide series walks you through the creation of the Virtual Cockpit from adding a new 'model' to the project, to populating it and adding instruments.


    In addition to the Virtual Cockpit, Book 6 also covers locating and opeing the aircraft.cfg file where it shows you how to add and modify the lights on the aircraft, make the aircraft sit properly on the ground and add/modify additional camera views. Other topics in the book show how to add a landing light, add custom part names to the list of deafult names in FSDS, add support for additional 'Attach Points' to FS Design Studidio and more.


    Book 6 picks up where book 5 left off complete with the projects and examples from the end of Book 5 to help you follow along easily.


    Chapters Include:

    Virtual Cockpit Overview Creating The Cabin Area Creating the Cabin and Cockpit Parts Texturing the VC Animating the Cockpit Creating the Virtual Cockpit Creating the 2D Panel Creating the Virtual Panel Editing the Aircraft.cfg File Extras and Advanced Topics Available now.

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