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    ALABEO has released their C177 CARDINAL II for X-PLANE

    2 Cardinal II models: C177B (fixed gear) and C177RG (retractable gear)
    Default X-Plane 10 GNS530
    HD Textures (416 pixel/meter)
    High quality 3D model and textures.
    Own sound system containing more than 20 sounds recorded from the real aircraft.
    Blank texture for creating your own designs.
    Accurately reproduced flight characteristics
    Simple user interface
    Realistic Systems simulations.
    64-bit compatible.
    FPS-optimized model.
    Setup Menu.
    Easy livery selection.
    Easy B/RG model selection.
    Camera Presets.
    Easy Field of view slider, now with scroll wheel support.
    Easy Volume control including MUTE selection, also with scroll wheel support.
    Realistic Cockpit reflections
    SuperManipulator (Scroll, click, click-hold, click-drag vertically for fast changes, click-drag horizontally for fine tuning)
    Passenger shows/hides depending on weigh

    NOTE: This aircraft is only for X-Plane 10.30 (or higher)


    Visit the ALABEO C177 Homepage for further information.

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