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    Angle Of Attack PMDG 777 Training


    Over the past year, AOA has been working hard on PMDG 777 Training series and are pleased to announce that it is now available withover 8 hours and 40 minutes of Systems Training and currently 2 Hours and 44 Minutes of Flight Training (more flight training to come).



    You've had about a 2 weeks with your PMDG 777 by this point. You've learned a lot of things already, taken her on some incredible journeys, and you're most likely feeling pretty good about your level of control.


    AOA will take you far beyond manuals, Youtube Tutorials, and other information (not to say those aren't valuable in some respect). At Angle of Attack that Flight Training is easiest to grasp when it's entertaining, engaging, and educational.


    Their easy-to-understand systems training (GroundWork) will give you a deeper understanding of the PMDG 777s System than you can get anywhere else. Even your typical FCOMS do not have all of the information this GroundWork training has.


    Additionally FlightWork Training is taught by Nick Collett, a real world ATPL pilot. Learn all the details of a Cold and Dark setup, through all the preflight procedures, FMC setup and management, and flight procedures. Nick will show you exactly how to operate this aircraft like a true professional.


    Get the full set of GroundWork + FlightWork with the Captains Package- all the systems and flight training you need for a successful virtual 777 career.


    Lastly, for the first time, you can start out your training at Angle of Attack on a Free Trial. This means you have no obligation to pay for the training before you see what it is all about.


    Signup and get all the training now, or take part with the exclusive free trial

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