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    Button control for FS2Crew Maddog X Reboot Released


    Due to user demand, FS2Crew has added "Button Control" to its flight crew simulation add-on for the Leonardo Maddog.

    Button Control is part of Version 1.4, which was just released to the public.

    Button Control is for people who are not voice control capable, or who prefer simply not to talk to their computer for whatever reason.

    This is a free update.

    To obtain the update, please login to your FS2Crew account at www.fs2crew.com, click "Completed Orders", and re-download and re-install FS2Crew Maddog Reboot.


    Version 1.4 Change Log:

    -'Button Control' is now built directly into FS2Crew.  It uses the same system and key assignments as FS2Crew's other Button Control products.  If the VOICE button on the FS2Crew Main Panel is OFF, then Button Control is active.  Conversely, if you want to use Voice control, press the VOICE button.

    To use Button Control, simply create the key assignments for the MAIN and SECONDARY button as shown in the manual (they're unchanged from other FS2Crew's), and follow the Captain's Flow in the manual.  Button Control is very easy since it follows a linear order of events and the cues are displayed in text on the Main Panel!

    A lot of you lobbied hard for us to create a Button Control version for the Maddog, and we listened.  This is a good test for us to see how much real demand there is for Button Control compared to Voice Control, since we can see actual sales numbers.  So if you want to see Button Control last into the future, please support FS2Crew Maddog!  Tell your friends about it!

    -FO will now correctly stow DIAL A FLAP during his climb flow.

    -New voice command: "SWAP COMM ONE / TWO".

    -Minor audio fixes.

    -More nuanced PA Volume Control.

    Remember:  If you don't want to hear the Cabin PA announcements (or you want a lower volume for them), set the PA knob on the Captain's Audio panel to OFF at the start of each flight.  

    -As per a user request, if you want the flood lights to come on/off at 10,000 feet instead of 20,000 feet, do this:

    C:\Users\****YOUR USER NAME****\AppData\Roaming\FS2Crew2010\Versions\MadDogRB\SavedData\FS2CrewData.ini

    Open FS2CrewData.ini with notepad.

    Make the 0 a 1.  


    Then Save.

    Visit FS2Crew   for further information.

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    How do I do a brief on button control only. What about the pa announcements. I don’t see BR or PA on the panel.

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