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    Carriers Extended US Navy release


    After a long time in the works together with Haze Gray Studios are proud to release Carriers Extended: US Navy . An upgrade of the original Fleet Traffic: US Navy released in 2017, the package includes:

    • 250+ warships of the US Navy, spanning 19 classes.
    • Ships populate harbours and sail realistic routes around the world

    Furthermore, all ships have been enhanced with SWS Carriers Extended technology, allowing for:

    • Animated arrestor cables & elevators
    • AI & user controlled ship lights
    • Ability to place aircraft, crew and vehicles on ships' decks*
    • Accurate LRLS & IFLOLS simulation
    • Pitching deck
    • Custom helicopter visual landing aids for smaller ships
    • Launch & recovery compatibility with most aircraft available
    • CEX NAVAID integration with aircraft like SWS Phantom, Aerosoft Tomcat, IndiaFoxtEcho TA-4, DC Designs F/A-18

    The add-on comes in two versions, sold separately. The FSX-P3Dv3 version is priced at 37.99€ and the P3Dv4 one is priced at 43.99€. Buyers that bought Fleet Traffic: US Navy in the past are entitled to an upgrade price of 22.99€ for a version of their choice. The upgrade option is valid upon presentation of proof of purchase and expires on September 20th, 2020.

    *crew and vehicles are not placeable in FSX-P3Dv3 due to platform limitations.

    Also present as of now on our website is the wonderful F/A-18E/F/G package by DC Designs, featuring the three Super Hornet variants, user selectable loadouts, custom VC & systems and much more! Priced at 33.75€, the DCD Super Hornet brings good looks, great performance and being aimed at the casual simming crowd, they are the perfect aircraft to practice carrier ops on SWS carriers!  

    Customers that elect to combine the two products in their cart will get a 20% discount in the price of the bundle!


    Visit the Carriers Extended: US Navy Product Page for further details.

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