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    Eurofighter & L-1011 TriStar Service Pack


    Just Flight has released two service packs to their Eurofighter & L-1011 TriStar packages


    L-1011 TriStar Service Pack
    Please install this update if you purchased and downloaded this product before 18 June 2013. All users of the boxed version should install the service pack.

    This update includes the following changes:

    • Flight management computer (FMC) added to aircraft as an option (INS and GPS still available)
    • Vertical speed wheel rotates in wrong direction in VC – fixed
    • Cannot change the numbers after the decimal point on comms radio in VC – fixed
    • RADIO/INS button added to VC
    • Airstairs are too high compared to the bottom of the passenger doors – fixed
    • EPR values adjusted to more closely match real aircraft
    • Thrust and braking power decreased to more closely match real aircraft
    • Fuel flow and spool-up rate adjusted to improve auto-throttle response times
    • Virtual cockpit out of alignment with the exterior model – fixed
    • GPWS callouts fixed
    • Tape gauges adjusted to display accurate N1
    • VNAV label on 2D panel changed to read MACH (as per real aircraft)
    • Pan Am logo size corrected
    • Missing specular lighting maps added and reflectively adjusted
    • Turn/slip ball movement direction fixed
    • Windscreen wiper speeds increased

    · Installation:

    Download the update using the link above.
    Once the update has downloaded, please double-click the icon to launch the installation.
    Follow the on-screen instructions.

    · Note: If you have a livery expansion installed, please download it again from your account and install it following installation of the service pack.

    Link for more details: http://www.justflight.com/articles/l1011-tristar-service-pack-june-2013

    Eurofighter Update Contents


    Please download this update if you purchased this product before 18 June 2013.

    This update includes the following content:

    • Training loadout added with 2 ASRAAM (featuring animated radar scanner heads) and single 1000L drop-tank
    • New HUD that more closely matches real aircraft - switches added to change between fixed and collimated mode, target tracking pipper mode added and ILS bars mode added
    • HUD projection reflection added and brightness increased
    • Exterior lighting updated for DX-10 preview mode
    • Spanish Air Force livery added
    • RAF liveries now have correctly coloured radomes
    • Cockpit MFDs now animated when viewed from exterior viewpoint
    • Saudi script spelling corrected
    • Austrian Air Force roundels altered and production number added to tail
    • Virtual cockpit viewpoint adjusted
    • Reflections added to virtual cockpit perspex
    • Virtual cockpit nightlighting fixed
    • HUD FPM logic changed
    • VOR needle added to WPT page on MFDs
    • NAV button added to engage navigation hold mode

    To obtain this update, please reinstall the product after downloading the updated installer from your Just Flight account, which you can access by going to http://www.justflight.com/account.asp and logging in. Once logged in please click on Purchase Details.

    Note: Reinstalling the product will remove any additional repaints that you have added to the aircraft. Please make sure to back up any repaints prior to reinstalling the product.

    Details here: http://www.justflight.com/supportfaq/eurofighter-fsx



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