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    FlyJordan Queen Alia Int'l


    Queen Alia International airport, Jordan's largest airport and main hub for Royal Jordanian Airlines recently inaugurated a new terminal in March of 2013. FlyJordan Queen Alia Int'l offers a high quality rendition of the completed terminal, set to be complete in 2014.

    OJAI Airport Scenery Features include:
     Access to both FS9 and FSX Versions with one purchase
     OJAQ Airport free upon release (for FS9/FSX)
     Custom Ground Textures (FS9/FSX)
     Custom Aerial Imagery (FS9/FSX)
     Custom Ground Poly (FS9/FSX)
     Baked AO Textures (FS9/FSX)
     Detailed 3d objects (FS9/FSX)
     32Bit & DXT3 Textures (FS9/FSX)
     SCASM runway lighting (FS9)
     Static Vehicles (FS9/FSX)
     Custom AFCAD (FS9/FSX)
     FPS Friendly (FS9/FSX)
     Custom Night Lighting (FS9/FSX)
     Bump & Spec Maps (FSX)
     Dynamic Shine (FSX)
     2048x2048 Textures (FSX)
     Volumetric Grass (FSX)
     Detailed approach lighting (FSX)
     Animated Vehicles (FSX)

    Visit the FlyJordan Queen Alia Int'l Homepage for a look at this new production from Contrail Simulations.

    Queen Alia Int'l is now in the Avsim Marketplace

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