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    FS Hud: Air Traffic Control for P3D--released

    Bob Scott

    Flight One Software, in partnership with the FSHud development team, has officially released FSHud – Air Traffic Control for Prepar3D v5 and v4.

    The entire scope of how ATC and AI traffic works can now be looked at in a different way... All the traffic in FSHud - Air Traffic Control, including your aircraft that is part of the traffic, is approached from an ATC point of view.  If you see an aircraft in FSHud, you know it is part of an integrated air traffic system that also includes your aircraft.

    Air traffic is monitored during your flights through the various ATC sectors. Our system is based on an aircraft's scheduled departure and arrival times, as well as the current situation enroute. FSHud will forecast any potential conflicts that might arise and adjusts flight parameters for the applicable air traffic.

    For more information on FSHud – Air Traffic Control, you are invited to visit the product page at Flight1.com:


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