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    FSFlyingSchool 2016 for X-Plane 10


    PRO Pack for FSFlyingSchool 2016 for X-Plane 10 (Windows) Interactive VOR Navigation Instruction

    This new option means your chief instructor Mr Smith will be watching closely when you are navigating using VOR navigation aids. He will let you know the meaning of the different indications and components of your aircraft's VOR Indicator, such as the TO/FROM/OFF flag, the Omni Bearing Selector (OBS), and the Course Deviation Indicator (CDI). You'll get this information as you fly and change settings and of course as the instruments themselves react to your flight path.

    He'll also describe at length the general aspects of the different elements of VOR navigation as you fly along and what to expect instruments to do as you get close to and cross over a VOR station.

    You'll soon be a VOR PRO!

    Enhanced Instructor Awareness

    The ever watchful chief instructor Mr Smith is looking at each pilot's performance in even greater detail with the arrival of PRO Pack for FSFlyingSchool 2016. Here are some of the enhancements:

    - If you are about to land but are approaching the runway at excessive speed, Mr Smith will advise that you either do something about slowing down or go around.
    - Once you begin your take off run down the runway - get moving! Accelerate! Mr Smith knows the runway behind you is useless.
    - If you are coming in to land and you are not heading into the wind, Mr Smith is going to let you know!
    - Steering problems on take-off run? Mr Smith will let you know what to do.
    - Most larger aircraft use flaps for take off and even if Mr Smith is not directly familiar with the airplane, you'll get a reminder to check its procedures if flaps are not set at take off.
    - The autopilot is a very useful tool, but you don't need it for taxiing or at take off and Mr Smith knows this.
    - If stationary, engines should be started with the parking brake applied. If not, Mr Smith will give you some advice.
    - Ready for take off? ATC is expecting you to get going and so is Mr Smith. Don't just sit there on the runway.
    - Once you have landed, Mr Smith will expect you to slow down so you can get to a safe taxiing speed. Do not use up runway you don't need just because you've forgotten to slow down!
    - Your throttles will reward considerate use and punish harsh treatment. Mr Smith is now watching and will let you know if you are increasing or decreasing them without care.
    - Mr Smith is watching to make sure you don't run the throttles too high with the parking brake on.
    - No-one wants to land with the parking brake on. Mr Smith will help you do the right thing.
    - And more...!

    Interactive Aviation Help

    This new option means that during flights, chief instructor Mr Smith will share his aviation knowledge with you, covering cockpit instruments, controls, techniques and much more.

    With Mr Smith's help you will soon be familiar with:

    Flaps; Mixture; PAPI; VORs; Turn technique; VASI; Stall recovery; Autopilot functions (there are a lot of them!); Transponder use and codes; Crossfeeds; Fuel pumps; Carburetor heat; Anti-ice; Decision height; ...and dozens more aviation subjects.

    Instant Help

    This new option lets the pilot get spoken tips from chief instructor Mr Smith on aircraft instruments, switches and controls when they are used during flights.

    - Instant spoken help you can use immediately while flying in X-Plane.
    - The Instant Help option at the Settings Screen of FSFlyingSchool 2016 adds a whole new level of fun and learning to your flights with X-Plane.
    - You hear and see help and tips for controls, instruments and switches immediately while you are flying!
    - Get ready for help when you use COM radios, NAV radios, autopilot functions like heading hold, speed hold, altitude hold, spoilers, autobrakes, gear, lights, pitot heat and so much more.
    - Do you ever think you could use some help up there in the Simulated Skies? FSFlyingSchool 2016 Instant Help is ready to help you get familiar with those switches, dials, buttons etc that seem to fill the cockpit and flight deck.
    - Sit back and enjoy as you hear the voice of a friendly instructor who explains the role of the device you operated, immediately, in real time, with optional text captions so you can read the advice too.
    - Once you operate a device, you won't hear the explanation again for a while: this is to avoid repetition when, for example, turning a device on and off.
    - If you prefer, you can turn off the voice completely and just retain the text captions for reference during your flights. Alternatively, you can turn off the captions and just listen to the voice of the instructor.
    - Configure the FSFlyingSchool 2016 Instant Help option the way you want it!

    Existing owners of any registered version of FSFlyingSchool for X-Plane can upgrade to FSFlyingSchool 2016 for X-Plane 10 at a generous discount.
    To find out more, watch movies, download a free demo of this version, etc, just hop over to the FSFlyingSchool for X-Plane web page

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