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  • FSWidgets App Updates


    Flight simulation app developers FSWidgets have posted a significant free update for their range of moving map apps for Android, iOS, tvOS, Windows and Mac:
    • GMapHD for Android
    • GMapHD for Windows
    • iGMap for iPhone
    • iGMapHD for iPad
    • iGMapHD for Mac
    • iGMap for Apple TV

    Among the updates is the addition of 21 new aero charts, taking the built-in library to a total of 35 aero charts. The new charts are as follows:
    • US VFR Wall Planner
    • US IFR Planning Chart
    • Alaska Enroute Low
    • Alaska Enroute High
    • Europe TPC
    • New Zealand TPC
    • Spain Enroute Low
    • Belgium Aero OFM
    • Netherlands Aero OFM
    • Denmark Aero OFM
    • Sweden Aero OFM
    • Germany Aero OFM
    • Switzerland Aero OFM
    • Austria Aero OFM
    • Poland Aero OFM
    • Czech Republic Aero OFM
    • Hungary Aero OFM
    • Slovenia Aero OFM
    • Croatia Aero OFM
    • Romania Aero OFM
    • Bulgaria Aero OFM

    For more details please see news page on FSWidgets .

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