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    German BR95 Class Locomotive


    The German DRG Class 95 is now available from Just Trains.  This ten-coupled tank locomotive with a 2-10-2 wheel arrangement was procured by the Deutsche Reichsbahn (also referred to later as the Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft, or DRG) in 1922 for hauling heavy goods trains on steep main lines. Because development of this class was begun by the Prussian state railways, it was designated as the Prussian Class T 20.

    The included BR95 locomotive 'The Mountain Queen' comes in the following variants, with three versions of each locomotive included: a 'Standard' version, a 'Simple' version for easy driving and a more complex 'Expert' version that requires more skill to stop priming and even boiler explosion! 
    •77 002 (Epoch II) Grey photo-livery
    •95 019 (Epoch II) Green Prussian livery
    •95 010 (Epoch III) Coal burning - clean
    •95 015 (Epoch III) Coal burning - rusty
    •95 0022-4 (Epoch IV) Oil burning, includes the German AWS-system 'Indusi I60'

    All the locomotives, tenders and wagons have many animated features such as opening smokeboxes with visible interiors and animated water hatches. They all feature extensive scripting to make the driving experience as authentic as possible.

    The BR 95 comes ready for Quick Drive and four immersive scenarios are complete with many animated period custom objects.

    System Requirements:

    •Train Simulator 2014 that was upgraded from Train Simulator 2012 on 20th September 2012 or with Train Simulator 2014 brought after that date and in which users have installed the European Asset pack (currently available to purchase via STEAM)
    •3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core
    •Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
    •2.0GB RAM
    •256MB graphics card
    •Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
    •Hard drive space TBC

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