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    HJG Website Update - 3 Years In The Making


    It's been 4 years since HJG first launched its DC-10 inventory. Within a year of that original release though it was already rethinking this entire project .... given the fidelity gap which then existed between its L-1011 and DC-10 panels.
    Upgrading the original DC-10 panel releases was considered essential in order to parallel the quality of both projects. HJG is therefore now pleased to announce release of its "NEW" DC-10 project.

    This revision represents some 3 years (2 years and 11 months to be precise) of study, consultation, compilation, testing, and adjusting .... assisted by significant R/W support and driven by the dedication and efforts of George CARTY, Mike MONCE, and Benoit PLAMONDON .... aka "the HJG in-house development team".
    This project isn't just a panel revision only. In fact it's "an entirely new project" composed of each of the following components ....

    12 new panels (featuring both standard and tape engine instrumentation) .... each of which are also now "aircraft type specific.
    PLEASE NOTE: These "NEW" panels are now both "FS2004 and FSX compatible" and composed of all the following features ....
    - New captain and F/O view main panel view options with improved gauges.
    - Aircraft/Engine type calibrated engine gauges.
    - Dynamic weight and flap detent calibrated V-REF chart (with auto-updating T/O and landing data).
    - Multi-functional AP MCP with both VS and IAS pitch modes, VOR/INS/GPS navigation, and auto approach, and fully automatic dual AP controlled auto-flare/autoland capability.
    - Dual AT with Thrust Rating Computer interactivity.
    - WX radar with colour display.
    - Operating windshield wipers.
    - FE panel with functional APU, electrical, hydraulics, pneumatics, and fuel system (with both transfer and dumping capability .... and external vapor effects).
    - APU and GPU assisted engine startup scenarios.
    - New overhead panel with ground support communications.
    - New center pedestal panel .... with a new spoiler lever arming and auto-deployment function.
    - New panel/gauge night lighting/illumination.
    - T/O V-Speed call outs.
    - FPDA GPWS altitude call-outs and other alerts.
    - FPDA gear wind effect (FS2004 only)
    - Both the ability to perform partial or complete cold & dark panel configuration and engine startup options .... as well as default pre-configured/ready to go option (for those whom do, and don't, like systems complexity respectively).
    11 "NEW" DC-10 aircraft base packs .... of which each of are supported by the following ....
    - New FDE (essential for various elements of these new panels to be able to function).[/b]
    - Some minor 3D model editing.

    And 6 "NEW" (UI) DC-10 sound packs have also now been released .... recompiled in accordance with the new base pack/FDE parameters and as separate "FS2004" and "FSX" specific audio files.

    For further information concerning this "NEW" DC-10 project release please refer to HJG's following website announcement ....
    Work continues to advance in regard to a number of other new HJG projects and revisions slotted for future release.

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