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    HJG/Historic Jetliners Group Update


    HJG/Historic Jetliners Group have pleasure announcing its first website update for the 2017 year  with a "BAND NEW" release in the form of a Great British classic , the BRITISH AEROSPACE 146 .... an aircraft also later produced under licence by AVRO.

    This project features all major production variants of these "wisperliner" jetliners .... including some lesser known developmental concepts of these aircraft which, despite having been built and flown, never actually entered production.

    Although HJG have previously offered the BAe 146-300 ....  this "NEW" project is a collaborative production between Jon MURCHISON and Paul HAAK/HJG .... and which finally brings, to realization, HJG's desire to offer the entire ARJ/BAe family of aircraft as follows :-

    Avro RJ-70
    Avro RJ-85
    Avro RJ-100

    BAe 146-100
    BAe 146-100 QT.... Quiet Trader/freighter
    BAe 146-100 STATESMAN (CC2 MK1/2/3) .... VIP/military transport
    BAe 146-100 STA (MSL/MT) .... Small Tactical Airlifter (developmental Military Side Loader/Tanker)

    BAe 146-200
    BAe 146-200 QT .... Quiet Trader/Freighter
    BAe 146-200 QC (C3) .... Quick Change military transport/freighter

    BAe 146-300
    BAe 146-300 QT.... Quiet Trader/freighter

    Each of the above 12 aircraft type specific base packs are supported by 15 "NEW" 2017 produced 3D models; "NEW" customized FDE for each aircraft version; ARJ and BAe specific panels .... by Mathias LIEBERECHT .... now featuring some minor improvements; "NEW" and extremely authentic ARJ and BAe aircraft type specific soundpacks .... by Benoit PLAMONON .... separate FS2004 and FSX audio versions the "quality" of which is "BEYOND IMPRESSIVE"; And last but by no means least of all .... a selection of "NEW" and extremely high quality textures representing the identities of both civil and military operators of these aircraft .... past and present .... and from around the globe, since the early 1980's.

    Hardly aircraft that aircraft that ever "filled the skies with noise and smoke", but still, a very successful, quiet and economic, short range, short field, and environmentally friendly classic from the 1980's, and an which is now nearing the end of its in-service life within many parts of the world .... and is "a lot of fun" to fly in FS

    Work on a number of "OTHER NEW HJG PROJECTS" continues .... and which are scheduled for release throughout 2017.

    For further information regarding this "NEW" HJG RELEASE" .... please refer to the groups following forum announcement :- http://tonymadgehjg.proboards.com/thread/8500/website-update-march-31st-2017 

    "ALL THIS AND .... A WHOLE LOT MORE" .... may be downloaded "FREE" from the HJG website at the following address :-




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