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  • Ideal Flight Augmented Expansion Pack


    he Ideal Flight Augmented Expansion Pack adds many new user-requested features and improvements to what is arguably one of the most versatile add-ons for FSX.

    Ideal Flight is an automated flight planner and global weather generation utility like no other, which creates a flight based on your selected filters such as flight duration, favourite routes, aircraft and airports, weather conditions and failures.





    ·         AIRAC and FMC support

    ·         Combines AIRAC and scenery data to produce the compatible subset

    ·         Reads popular aircraft NavData sets for perfect plans

    ·         Auto-export GPS plans and FMC files so that GPS plans are duplicated and ready to load into the FMC co-route

    ·         Follow-me Ai shadow aircraft buddy selection, and markings

    ·         Wake proximity, and turbulence effects around moving objects

    ·         Turbulent conditions created by extended flaps and gear

    ·         Veering stressed airframe at close to max airspeeds

    ·         More plan types, and random route finding, with random aircraft selection

    ·         More approach types; FAF, IDF, SID, and STAR approaches and departures

    ·         Adjust computed approach timing

    ·         Airport destination searches sorted by; alphabet, distance, heading, altitude, and reverse order. World map with improved functions, zooms,

    ·         Handling of airport subsets improved

    ·         More Cold and Dark functions included

    ·         In-flight menu enhanced with weather scenarios

    ·         Diagnostic package lists modules used, analyses VAS usage throughout the flight, reports on exceptions encountered by FSX, and lists any modules causing errors

    ·         Comms radio package pre-sets radios to ATIS etc

    ·         More penalties Taxi speed and Low Altitude Speed

    ·         Improved NavAid symbols on route maps

    ·         Approach and Departure maps included with briefing

    ·         In-flight error messages, auto-pause, and auto-saves

    ·         New Profiles features; limited movement and committed flight score


    Ideal Flight launches FSX complete with aircraft setup, enhanced flight plan, payload, fuel, and comprehensive flight briefing. The route can be from the current location to any FSX location within a preferred flight time, distance or even to and from your favourite airports.

    The Ideal Flight global weather simulation updates the weather wherever the aircraft flies including jet streams and thermals. Your flight will be launched and monitored for how well you fly. On completion, the flight will be assessed for smooth operation. Points can be awarded for satisfactory handling of the aircraft and systems with the results logged against your “career”.

    The expansion pack licence is available via download only.

    Please note: the purchase of this product only issues the additional licence required to unlock the included expansion features. If you already own Ideal Flight, please run the Ideal Flight interface and update to the latest base version. You will then be able to enter the code given upon purchase of the Augmented Expansion Pack licence.

    For more information visit the Ideal Flight Augmented Expansion Pack homepage.

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