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    JFK Version 2.1 Update Released


    FSDT  has released  an update for their JFK scenery to  V2.1


    •Gate numbers on ground added for all parking spots.
    •Gate numbers on Terminal 4 added.
    •Added missing taxiway HB

    •Displaced Threshold arrows added on all runways.
    •Improved visibility of yellow taxilines and ground markings.
    •All runway lights corrected on all runway.
    •Added missing navaids structures.
    •More seamless connection between ground tiles.
    •Added some missing buildings on Terminal 5.
    •Added some missing jetways on Terminal 8.
    •Improved Texture mapping under some taxiway bridges.
    •Improved ground textures to better match 3d buildings.
    •Better adaption of ground textures to fix some round-earth altitude problems.

    The Update 2.1 if FREE for all existing JFK V2 customers, and can be downloaded from HERE.

    The Forum Homepage has further details available.

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