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    Kangerlussuaq From iNET.GL Simulation


    Kangerlussuaq is a settlement in West Greenland, located at the head of a 190 km long fjord of the same name. It is Greenland’s main air transport hub, being the site of Greenland’s largest commercial airport.

    Kangerlussuaq was also known as Bluie West Eight and Sondrestrom Air Base during its time as an American military base.

    iNET.GL Simulation Software highlights these features of its Kangerlussuaq scenery:


    ■Over 2.900 square km. custom made scenery.

    ■Highly Detailed version of Kangerlussuaq Airport.

    ■Custom made Seasonal Textures, and photo ground texture.

    ■Custom made MESH.

    ■Custom made lakes, coastlines and streams.

    ■Custom made buildings.

    ■Corrected roads.


    iNET.GL's Kangerlussuaq X scenery comprises the airport and urban area around it. Scenery around the airport is enhanced several miles from the airport with custom made scenery terrain, roads, and buildings that reflect urbanization in those areas.


    The Airport:

    iNET.GL rendition of Kangerlussuaq Airport is fairly realistic compared with the photos I took at location, and I found on the Internet. The runway, taxiways, and aprons seem true to the photos.


    Visit the Kangerlussuaq Homepage for complete details about this new product.


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