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    Little Navmap version 1.0.5


    News Item:

    Little Navmap stable version 1.0.5 released


    There is no new functionality compared to the last beta version. New features will be added in the next development cycle.


    Changes compared to the last beta 1.0.4:
    Scenery reading errors for airports without city name. Errors reading scenery.cfg file. Exclude options did not work for some scenery paths. Wrong order of flight plan when adding waypoints. Overview overlay loosing background image. Valid start position in flight plan not recognized. Display of narrow and closed taxiways.
    Disabling aircraft tracking on double click and other actions. Simulator selection in loading dialog now synchronized with map. Smoothed user aircraft movement a bit. Added help button to various dialogs. Many additions and clarifications in the manual.


    What is Little Navmap?


    Little Navmap is a free open source flight planner, navigation tool, moving map, airport search and airport information system for Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D. The main focus is general aviation IFR and VFR planning.


    All is based purely on flight simulator stock or add-on data, no third party data needed.


    It features a detail rich navigation map that uses standard airport symbols from real VFR maps thus transporting a large amount of information. Multiple online and offline map themes (OpenStreetMap, OpenTopoMap and more) and two map projections are available as well as hill shading.


    Flight plans and flight plan fragments can be loaded, saved and merged all using the common Flight Simulator PLN files.


    Drag and drop editing functionality on the map allows to easily create and edit plans manually. Several automatic flight plan calculation modes are available to create plans following airways or simply from radio navaid to radio navaid within a second or two. No online service is needed for flight plan calculation.


    A fast airport and navaid search allows to look for objects by an unimaginable amount of options also featuring a spatial search.


    Information windows display numerous details about airports, runways, COM frequencies, approaches and navaids.


    All settings, search parameters, flight plans, map positions and much more are saved between sessions. So you know where you've been the last time when starting the program.


    Little Navmap can be run stand-alone or in networked configuration. Connection to the flight simulator needs the free Little Navconnect program which eases network setup across two or more computers.


    Supported platforms: Windows XP/7/8/10 and macOS.


    Supported Flight Simulators: All FSX versions from SP2 up, Flight Simulator - Steam Edition, Prepar3D v2 and Prepar3D v3


    Look here for screenshots, online user manual and other programs

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