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  • Majestic Software Dash 8 Q-400 Released


    The new Dash 8 Q-400 developed by Majestic Software is now on sale from Just Flight by Download, This new Dash 8 for FSX comes with a host of truly innovative features and is the first aircraft to feature a Flight Dynamics engine which is completely independent of the FSX FDE, giving you realistic performance and aircraft behaviour.


    The Dash 8 Q-400 comes in 19 high resolution liveries with weather radar, TCAS, dual FMS and countless custom animations and lighting effects - this is quite simply the best Dash 8 you can fly!

    See the Dash 8 Q-400 page for all the details and screenshots.

    Upgrade price guarantee: If you buy the Dash 8 from Just Flight you will be able to upgrade via Just Flight to the next editions when they are available, with the upgrade cost simply being the price difference between the currently owned version and the next version.


    Full details here:Dash 8 Q-400   If you buy before 9am (UK time) on Friday 26 April you'll get double the usual Just Rewards points - 800 points will give you £8 / €10 / $12 off any future purchase from the Just Flight or Just Trains websites!

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