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    MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 California


    Fly the entire state - BORDER to BORDER - of California in photoreal detail.

    California is the third largest state in the USA at over 163,695 square miles in size and has 600 airports.

    You'll see everything that you see in California in real life in the scenery. Imagery is clear and crisp 50 cm source throughout

    Featuring 600 airports in FSX for you to use as departure and destination points there's a LOT of flying to be done as you make your way around the entire state of California "true VFR" (or IFR too if you like).

    Some of the landmarks that California is famous for and that you'll see just as you would in real life include: The famous cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego, The Mojave Desert, Mt Whitney (highest peak in the lower 48), Lake Tahoe, Catalina and The Channel Islands, Yosemite, Sequoia & Death Valley National parks, Central Valley and 840 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline and just SO MUCH MORE! If you can see it in real life, you'll see it in this scenery.... in photo-real detail. There are thousands of hours of flying to be done!

    This title comes with PDF versions of all the charts you need for California state: 5 VFR sectionals, 3 Terminal Area Charts, 7 IFR enroute charts plus 1046 pages of Instrument Approach Charts for every approach in the the state.

    MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 California is available right now for instant download. (You can order DVDs too if you like).


    MegaSeneryEarth just upgraded  Install manager to Version 1.2 which now automatically installs from .zip files so you don't need to manually unzip all files before installing them.Please note that the utility will delete the .zip files after it extracts them but it keeps the .exe files for future reinstallation if required. It is the .exe files that are important, the .zip files merely serve as a convenient download container file. The updated instructions provided with 1.2 also give you instructions for changing your OS settings so that you aren't prompted by the OS for each installer when running from a networked drive.

    MegaSceneryEarth Install Manager V1.2 is a small 1.7 Mb download You can download your copy, complete with instructions Here.

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