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    Milviz Baron B55 Service Pack Released


    Milviz release the Baron B-55 Service Pack, including a new version the E-55. This package includes all of the same liveries and features and adds the following:


    Added 3d "housings" for all instruments to prevent possibility of "scenery leaks" around edges.


    Found and fixed the problem with non-lighted HSI "dots" and "sky pointer" on attitude indicator.


    Fixed problem with KAP140 "cutting" the GNS430 left knob, and glass "cutting" GNS530 right knob.


    Checked for abnormal movement of left main tire. Reversed keyframes for l_tire_blurred control node.


    Edited gearup/geardown .wav files to fit 3.1 second extend/retract animation.


    Added missing B55_fresnel_red.dds file (that's why the exterior glass had no reflections!)


    Lowered intensity of 3d landing lights


    Fixed elevator trim tab


    Changed landing light switch operation to left click on/off toggle


    Trimmed a LOT of "fat" from the interior model to reduce sim load (stuff that can't be seen from inside).


    Corrected operation of rudder trim: left trim - nose and needle go left, trimtab goes right and vice-versa


    Lighted the compass card for night operations


    Calibrated ADI Bank and Roll with parallax correction


    Calibrated both OAT gauges, removed small pointers (unnecessary)


    Changed instrument lighting knob to use left/right/mousewheel to control, added dynamic tooltip


    Added dynamic tooltip to Panel Flood knob


    Added dynamic tooltip to Post Light knob


    Improved tail beacon light (transparent glass, bright flash)


    Exterior glass fixed (was invisible at night), set z-bias to eliminate GPS "bleed-through"


    Fixed nose gear wheel chocks


    Fixed exterior hinges for vent window


    Fixed prop texture to make rear of blades flat black. Updated diffuse, specular and bump maps


    VSI Needle: Changed VSI needle to use Linear Rotation and calibrated


    RMI Needles: Changed both needles to Linear Rotation, re-calibrated.


    Double needle is VOR/Localizer. Defaults to Nav2 Freq. Fixed switch for RMI Nav Source under the old Century autopilot. Reset compass card and recalibrated


    Added additional CDI "dots" to HSI. Recalibrated CDI needle. Adjusted length of needle gap to match CDI needle Reset compass card and recalibrated


    Recalibrated airspeed needle after resetting Linear rotation controller


    Fixed tooltip on altimeter's Kohlsman knob for both inHg and MB. Recalibrated Kohlsman index after resetting Linear rotation controller.


    Fixed (lightened) knob textures on GPS's


    Configured Installer to create two Airplane folders: 55 and E55 (Bernt's and John's respectively) such that textures and aircraft sounds are shared between the two folders.


    Owners of the B55 are invited to download the Service Release from the retailer they purchased their product from originally, full details and instructions can be found at Avsim`s Milviz Support Forum.

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