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    Multi Crew Experience For FS 2020


    FS++ Simulations is pleased to annouce that Multi Crew Experience, voice control based addon for Pepar3D and FSX has been updated to fully support the newly released Microsoft simulator 2020.

    Registered users rejoice, we decided against releasing this as a separate product.

    Perhaps you're a real world pilot on furlough due to Covid19 and want to rehearse your airline procedures and checklist (ANY airline) while waiting for better days.

    Maybe you are a serious flight simmer and realize nobody flies the heavies alone.

    Who knows, you could be running VR headset and want total immersion in the sim. This will free you from keyboard for sure.

    Some find it difficult to read instruments in FS 2020 under some lighting conditions. You'll be glad you have this assistant.

    Perhaps you want to talk ATC jargon to native ATC, instead of reaching out to ATC window and manually making selections.

    This isn't a scripted adventue, with instructions to follow to the letter.

    Start the sim in any state, ask co-pilot to help you with what you want, when you want and even teach him to understand the speech you want (including non-English speech) to use instead of the tens of thousands of already built-in commands.

    It has a very neat userr inteface that won't obstruct the most important thing, your flight sim. UI can be totally hidden if you like.

    Enough said, be our guest and explore the : Demo here 


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