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    Multi Crew Experience For the Majestic Dash Q400


    Multi Crew Experience, the voice control add-on to FSX, FS9 and P3D now supports the recently released Majestic Dash Q400.


    You can now indulge in operating the aircraft in a multi crew environment where the virtual first officer will help you with various tasks to the extent you want.


    He's type rated. You could get him to perform the exact flows you want, or choose to ignore him at other times should you want to do things yourself.


    He is able to see the state, and handle just about any switch in the virtual cockpit except the FMC which remains a hands-on device.


    First officer will ...


    Make call-outs at various stages of the flight Set speed, heading, altitude and various MCP modes Switch almost any overhead panel button to the desired position Dial COM, NAV, ADF frequencies as well as transponder.

    There is even an option to reset the whole cockpit to cold and dark via a key sentence.




    So far, Multi Crew Experience supports all the following aircraft


    PMDG 737 NGX, MD-11, B747, J41

    Aerosoft Airbus X Extended

    iFly B737

    Quality Wings Bae 146 and 757

    Captain Sim 767 and 757

    Feelthere ERJ 145 & 135

    CoolSky DC9

    Simcheck A300 B4

    Wilco Feelthere Airbus Vol 1 & 2

    Level-D 767


    ... And of course all default FSX and FS9 aircraft.


    Because no multi crew experience is ever complete without involving ATC, MCE enables you also talk to Native ATC, Radar Contact ATC or Pro Flight

    Emulator ATC using voice input.


    A fully working Time Limited Demo is available so everyone can have a go, three days of free fun guaranteed.

    Enough said, this video shows the virtual FO in action

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