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  • Multi Crew Experience Update


    FS++ Simulations, are pleased to announce  the most comprehensive voice based crew simulation ever created for FSX, Prepar3D and FS9 has just been updated to extend support to recently released PMDG 747 V2 aircraft.

    This makes it 39 fully supported complex aircraft in one package. Almost all popular ones have been covered so far.


    This isn’t a juke box dishing out nice audio while you’re expected to fit in with the scripted adventure.

    Instead, it's a fully interactive crew simulation.

    Call the shots in any order you like.

    Find the built-in tens of thousands commands not flexible enough, create your own speech commands and make them act as the built-in ones.

    Want to share tasks with co-pilot according to your airline standard operating procedures and not an imaginary one? No problem, you can do that.

    Want to use your exact airline checklist for rehearsal. You can do that too.

    Want to train on ATC jargon using built-in ATC or Radar Contact and PF3 ATC, we make it possible.


    The icing on the cake, is that you won’t even need to decide on which other add-on settings to reduce since the heavy part of MCE, including speech engine and audio, run completely outside the simulator process.


    Nobody flies the heavies on his own, why should you.


    Get the Multi Crew factor. Consider MCE.


    To help you decide, a fully working Demo is available for download here:


    Download Demo  


    Do not forget to download and install the additional human recorded voice packs.

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