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  • Navigraph Charts Software Release


    A new version of Navigraph Charts is now available to the flight simulation community.

    The software, available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, and web browsers, gives access to world wide coverage of Jeppesen charts and features many new functions, most notably a moving map.

    Stockholm, Sweden : Following one year of development, and two months of beta testing, Navigraph is proud to announce the release of Navigraph Charts, a software which gives flight simulator enthusiasts access to Jeppesen charts on 6,820 airports around the world. This is the most comprehensive charts coverage available.

    In addition to a more contemporary and intuitive user interface, the new version of Charts has been improved with the following features:
    ● Jeppesen charts
    ● Day and Night mode
    ● Moving maps
    ● Flights
    ● Pinboard
    ● Dynamic, interactive and searchable enroute charts
    ● Decentralized server structure

    With the change to Jeppesen as data provider, Navigraph has dramatically increased the coverage of the Charts software. Furthermore, the use of Jeppesen charts have enabled technical advancements such as day and night mode (a color scheme adapted to simulator environments with low ambient light) and moving maps (plotting ownship position on georeferenced maps). The moving maps function is made possible by a companion software called Navigraph Simlink which reports the aircraft position from the simulator (FSX, Prepar3D, or Xplane) to the Charts software.

    The Charts software also features various ways to organize the maps. Flights is an advanced bookmark which is created by entering string of waypoint identifiers. Charts displays the route on the enroute chart along with departure, arrival and alternate airport maps. The pinboard is a function which allows the user to select some maps for easy access during a flight. The maps have been color
    coded for added clarity.

    Navigraph now also uses the Jeppesen navdata to render dynamic and fully searchable enroute charts. Users can search by text or by clicking objects on the chart. Changes between revisions in the navdata are automatically reflected in the enroute charts. The same navdata is also used to parse the 120 different addon formats offered every cycle. A single data source ensures all services are in sync

    More information on the features is found on the Navigraph website:

    Navigraph Charts is available as a subscription for 62.90 EUR/year excl. VAT. Users can alsopurchase a subscription which also includes access to Jeppesen navdata for 74.90 EUR/year, or 8.30 EUR/month, excl. VAT.

    The subscription can be purchased on the Navigraph website,
    https://www.navigraph.com . Charts has a demo mode for registered users. The monthly subscription has no binding period.

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