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    New Releases From HJG


    AVSIM has received communication from Historial Jetliners Group (HJG) with exciting news of new updates to their website.  It has been some time since their last press release, which may have led some community members to believe nothing was going on behind the scenes.  Luckily for us as the community, that wasn’t the case.


    HJG reported over 130 new and upgraded files for your enjoyment.  These include aircraft as the:


    • Boeing 707
    • Boeing 717-200
    • Boeing 727 by Vistaliners
    • C135 Series
    • Caravelle by AFG
    • DC8
    • DC9
    • MD80/90
    • L1011 Tristar
    • B367-80
    • BAe146-300/RJ100 by Jon Murchison/Arnz
    • CV880 & CV990
    • Concorde by FS France Team


    HJG also reported some of the following exciting updates to the AVSIM News Team:


    • The first installment of HJG's new AI Aircraft flight line, by Paul Haak, which features the DC8-62, -63, -71, -72, and -73.

    • HJG's new MD82-SF and MD83-SF freighter aircraft, by Paul Haak, and with thanks also to Nicholas Botamer.  Each of these new 3D models features an animated forward fuselage port side main deck cargo door and FDE suites that are appropriately customized for freight specific loadings.

    • HJG's upgraded L1011 Tristar Aircraft Base Packs, Panels, and Gauges/Core Files packages, by George Carty. These upgraded files now include a reworked and much more accurate multi-mode AP which features an auto-land system with the ability to fly any ILS/GS approach and then flare the simulation for "a fully automatic and hands-off landing" among a number of other functional and cosmetic improvements.


    Visit HJG’s website for more details.

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