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    Normandy 1944 For FSX


    FranceVFR and FSAddon Publishing discovered they a passion for history and that ultimately resulted in the plan to build part of the second world war in Flight Simulator X.

    FranceVFR bought aerial photos from the entire Normandy region, stretching from Le Havre in the east all the way to St. Malo in the south west, including all the famous D-Day beaches and towns like Cherbourg, Caen and St Lô. And FSAddon had a fair number of WW2 aircraft available PLUS tons of knowledge and research on 'the landings'.

    The new product has now been released and is called Normandy 1944 for FSX. And it is very special. Not ONLY because it is the first ever scenery covering history, not only because it uses original black-and-white aerial photographs, and not only because it covers a large area of famous land. It is special because of the intentions of the project.

    The two publishers are looking to build a community around this 'base product'. A community of flightsimmers that are also very much interested in the WW2 history, its aircraft and its operations. A community that will be served not only by this - and further - commercial project, but ALSO by the many freeware sub-products that are planned. And they hope that it will also revive more interest in freeware scenery building, using the Normandy product as a base.

    FSAddon is hard at work at building the first of an entire series of add-ons, where each add-on will cover 4 distinct moments in time: before the landings, D-Day itself, the situation after establishing the initial beachhead and ultimately Normandy after the German forces were driven out. The flightsimmer can select the period by switching scenery activity via the Scenery Library.

    At the same time FranceVFR is working at developing and adding autogen for the area..... a huge task that will certainly also take quite a bit of time.

    Normandy 1944 for FSX Base Pack consists of the entire area of Normandy in BWaerial photo texture, special mesh for the region, 4 BW versions of FSAddon aircraft and a freeware Higgins landing boat, courtesy of Bruce Fitzgerald.

    Part of the project too is a dedicated website from FranceVFR, named FSHistoric.com and inclusion in the FSAddon website FSClassics which is also dedicated to history in FS. Also available will be dedicated forums both in French and in English for the users and enthusiasts of the products!

    Normandy 1944 for FSX is available from the FranceVFR shop HERE.

    The Full versions of the included aircraft are available from FSAddon's shop HERE.

    FSHistoric and FSClassics (both still very much under development) can be found HERE.
    First 'bonus' add-on to be published later this year will be the town of Courseulles-sur-Mer - Juno Beach, with the rendition of the first two phases of
    the landings.
    A little Youtube video on the Work in Progress can be found HERE .

    Also planned is the release of a number of the objects used, which can then be used freely by other freeware developers to build further scenes.

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