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    North Norfolk Railway From Just Trains


    The North Norfolk Railway  , or the ‘Poppy Line’ as it is also known, is the epitome of a preserved railway harking back to bygone days.The route takes you from the distinctive station buildings and crossing signal box at Sheringham, under the road bridge past the main signal box, over the level crossing (with operating approach lights), past the Sheringham golf course with its imposing club house and into open countryside with the sea to your right.

    Continue under a road bridge and then over another bridge, past the Weybourne windmill on the right, and you arrive at Weybourne station with its custom buildings and engine shed. Once you have left the station and passed under another road bridge, you’ll start a long climb, with dense forest on your left, and pass the request stop at Kelling Heath Halt. Continue climbing up through the long cutting, go over another level crossing and under another road bridge just before passing the Holt engine shed on your left, and then finish your journey at the end of the line at Holt.
    Running for just over five miles from Sheringham in the east to Holt, slightly inland to the west, the line is still connected to the national rail network and is only separated from it by a level crossing.

    This route has been produced in association with the North Norfolk Railway   to ensure it provides an authentic portrayal of this lovingly maintained line as it sweeps through the beautiful North Norfolk countryside. Employing many custom-built objects, and with ten Standard scenarios included, the route is a real joy to drive!

    •Route class: Heritage
    •Route length: 5.5 miles
    •Speed limit: 25 MPH
    •Single track
    •Five stations and beautifully detailed scenery along the North Norfolk coast
    •Includes ten Standard and three Free Roam scenarios
    •Route is Quick Drive enabled

    Important! Please note that North Norfolk Railway is compatible with Train Simulator 2014 that was upgraded from Train Simulator 2012 on 20th September 2012. If you purchased Train Simulator after that date you will require the European Loco & Asset Pack and the US Loco & Asset Pack (both available to purchase via Steam) for the route to display correctly.

    •Sheringham Poppy Line station buildings
    •Sheringham station car park signal box
    •Sheringham golf course and club house
    •Operating crossing approach lights at Sheringham
    •Highly distinctive and characteristic windmill at Weybourne
    •Weybourne station buildings
    •Weybourne engine shed
    •Holt engine shed
    •Holt station buildings and miniature railway
    •Holt signal box
    •Holt ground frame box
    •Station signs
    •Numerous custom objects


    •Sheringham - National Rail Network
    •Sheringham - Poppy Line
    •Kelling Heath Park (Request stop)


    Visit the North Norfolk Railway Homepage for further details.

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