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    OC4BA v2 Now Available


    OC4BA (OpenCockpits for Boeing Airplanes) is a Windows PC app for configuring and interfacing OpenCockpits hardware devices so they can be used with your flightsimulator when flying your favorite PMDG B737 NGX airplane. Both automatic and manual configuration of hardware modules and scripts are supported.

    As of March 2014, OC4BA with OCP4NGX_V2.2.ssi script supports the following OpenCockpits modules:
    OVHv2 - MCPv2/v3 - Captain EFISv1/v2 - First Officer EFISv1/v2
    Captain FMCv3 - First Officer FMCv3 - Main Instrument Panel
    Captain CHRONO - First Officer CHRONO
    COM1 - NAV1 - COM2 - NAV2 - ADF - ATC/Transponder

    OC4BA v2 can now be initiated via the MENU BAR in your flightsimulator. You don't need to start several programs as everything is handled by OC4BA v2.

    What has changed from earlier versions of OC4BA and the new OC4BA v2:

    1. Intergated with the flightsim's Menu bar. This means everything can be done from within the flightsimulator.
    2. Supports MIP + OVH
    3. Fast and improved responses when turning dials.
    4. Full support for First Officers modules such as EFIS, FMC/CDU, COM, NAV and Chrono.
    5. Will install in both MS FSX and Prepar3D v2
    6. Supports own built modules based on Expansion/Master , DCMotor, Outputs and Servo cards.
    7. No need to be SIOC expert  due to easy Mouse Click configuration
    8. Changes aircraft to control and fly directly from the flight simulators Menu bar.
    9. Lag free displays
    10. No impact on FPS.
    11. +++ bugs fixing

    Scripts for OC4BA v2  will not come bundled with the installer of OC4BA v2, You need to download separate as they are free.

    New and updated scripts will be available to download from this site.

    OC4BA v2 is now payware, but scripts can be downloaded free.

    See News page for ordering and pricing.

    ** The Chrono modules need FSUIPC to work at this time, due to script not OC4BA made, but fully supported by OC4BA.

     Download OC4BA v2 and the documentation from Here.

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