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    OpusFSI Version 4.30.0.


    In this latest release the Live Weather Assistant (LWA) Maps on the client and server systems, and the on-screen Destination and Alternate Weather Reports, now list all available runways in preferred order of use (reading left to right) based on the current surface wind at the site.


    The LWA Maps also show all relevant Nav and Com frequency data for any identified aerodrome or met station. A left-click 'Lock' mode has been added to the LWA Map to lock the displayed data to a particular station. By right-clicking on stations of interest any number of LWA Weather Monitor boxes can now be displayed, each showing all relevant data on the station, all available runways (in preferred order of use), all Nav and Com frequencies, and the current weather information.


    An Auto Zoom option has also been added to the LWA Maps to automatically zoom the map in as you approach your destination aerodrome. The map will zoom in sufficiently to show all taxiways as an aid to taxiing to the gates or parking area.

    An additional Low Level GRIB Forecasted Winds and Temperature data option has been introduced for accurate winds and temperatures throughout the lower atmosphere. This data is also used to determine additional zones of turbulent air and inversion layers from the ground up to supplement the current intelligent turbulence control.


    New improved Prepar3D Volumetric Fog effects are produced by intelligent visibility layering which also takes into account any low level inversion layer.

    OpusFSI is fully compatible with FSX and all versions of Prepar3D.


    Visit the OpusFSI Product Page for further information.

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