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    Pilate’s Ghost SimNovel


    esci Flightsim Publications is proud to announce Their first “simNovel” entitled Pilate’s Ghost. The simNovel concept will change the way you look at FSX missions and reading for entertainment. A simNovel is essentially a novel where at certain points, the reader takes to the virtual skies to forward the plot. The FSX missions are as much a part of the story as the written chapters. With missions and written story smoothly blended, by the end, you may have troubling remembering what you read and what you flew!

    Set in the Swiss Alps, Pilate’s Ghost is an intriguing, 144 page, techno thriller with nine exciting, FSX Missions. While taking on the roles of three main characters, you will fly everything from a Lear jet, to helicopters to a glider. As the plot thickens, your missions will become more changeling in a race to capture a new breed of outlaws–“techno-criminals”.

    This is the first in a series of simNovels by esci Flightsim Publications. In this release, all aircraft and scenery are default FSX with Acceleration. The scenery has been enhanced with custom built models, carefully integrated with FSXA scenery objects to maintain good frame rates. All the airplanes and helicopters flown boast detailed liveries that, while mostly fictional (one is true to life) capture the essence of a real aircraft in its specific mission environment.

    Learn more about Pilate’s Ghost–including viewing an exciting video at the esci Flightsim Publications Homepage .

    Pilate’s Ghost is currently available at the PC Aviator.com Product Page.

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