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    Reality XP Releases 64 bit GTN 750/650 For X-Plane


    October 9th, 2016: Reality XP today has released the 64 bits RXP GTN 750 Touch and RXP GTN 650 Touch with TCAD.

    The GTN 750 Touch and GTN 650 Touch simulations now come in 64 bits and 32 bits versions for X-Plane 10. The Traffic Collision Alerting Device (TCAD) now included free for all our customers is a faithful simulation of the original avionics. Internally powered by a complete TCAS II Mark 7 simulation passing the 250 TSIM tests, it comes integrated to the RXP GTN 750 Touch and the RXP GTN 650 Touch. Take full control of the TCAD detection shields, view nearby traffic and take actions upon visual and aural TA advisories directly on the GTN touchscreen.

    "We are pleased to release the free 64 bits update to our customers and we are certain you’ll be thrilled flying the most advanced Garmin GTN simulation available to the flight simulator community" said Jean-Luc Dupiot, Founder of Reality XP. "We’ve not only raised the bar with this release, but we wanted to go further. This is why I’m pleased to also announce this update comes feature packed with an authentic working Ryan 9900BX TCAD simulation".

    The RXP GTN 750 Touch and RXP GTN 650 Touch are a transfer of technology from Reality XP professional products and mark the first stepping stone in a series of new, integrated and updated avionics simulations, for Flight Simulator and X-Plane customers.

    Further details about Reality XP Products can be found at the Reality XP Homepage .

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