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  • REX Latitude For FSX and P3D


    From the makers of the Real Environment Xtreme comes a new concept in flight simming " REX Latitude For FSX and P3D". Step into a world where actions matter and consequences exist. Plan well, prepare well, fly well, and you'll be rewarded. Falter or fail, and results will speak for themselves. Feel the the excitement of coming in for a landing as scores, reputation and earnings hang in the balance. Make flight simulation real. Make it fun again!


    Immerse yourself in a multiplayer pilot community where you can climb the career ladder, build a solid reputation and earn a living. Latitude offers all this and more! Share your flights for all to see while competing on your own terms. Whether it's low and slow or fast and high, pristine, calm days or thunderous gusty nights, you can customize your experience to your exact liking and find others that share your passion. You don't have to change anything about how you fly, but you'll want to.


    A massive multiplayer environment exclusively for pilots (sim or otherwise) . A world based around flying competency, with careers, reputation and economy with a built-in risk-reward system: cheaper aircraft are less risky and more forgiving than large planes. Compete with others on skill, comfort, experience or earnings, or just join the camaraderie and banter. How you fly matters, however, fly wherever, whatever, whenever! Inclusive of all types of "simmers": GA, business/corporate, commuter/regional, airline, low and slow or high and fast.


    The offline client observes, records and catalogs all flights, including significant weather conditions. Latitude offers unbiased feedback for every flight, specifically tailored to experience level and aircraft model. Evaluation of both piloting skill and passenger/cargo comfort for a full comprehensive analysis. Automatic detection and detailed scoring of all flight phases, without any need for configuration. Perception based judging and scoring to mimic how a person would rate your flight, complete charting of entire flight; individually zoom-able and adjustable.


    Directly integrated within REX Latitude is the online Portal, connecting you to a multiplayer environment which creates a whole new simming world. It's a great place to meet like minded virtual pilots, measure your skills against them, build a career, earn a reputation and make money. The Portal is a great way to track your progress as you become a better pilot with a permanent record of when, where and how you flew. It is encouraged that you participate – not only for the fun but also for the real-world experience you're sure to gain.

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