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    Romantic Railroad BR44 Locomotive & Snowploughs


    Romantic Railroads BR44 and Snowploughs now available. This new TS2016 add-on from Romantic Railroads brings you six BR44 heavy goods train steam locomotives, two different snowploughs and several freight wagons with dynamic numbering!


    Six different engines:
    • 44 1536-0 Deutsche Reichsbahn coal-fired, clean
    • 44 2225-9 Deutsche Reichsbahn coal-fired, weathered
    • 44 0093-3 Deutsche Reichsbahn oil-fired
    • 44 9481-1 Deutsche Reichsbahn coal-dust-fired
    • 044 113-9 Deutsche Bundesbahn coal-fired
    • 043 469-6 Deutsche Bundesbahn oil-fired

     Also included are two different snowploughs, both with buffer beam mounted in summer, and without buffer beam in winter:
    • 'Deutsche Bundesbahn' snowplough
    • 'Deutsche Reichsbahn' snowplough


    All engines and snowploughs have their own specific tenders. You can couple the snowplough to any engine of your choice (steam, diesel or electric) and use it via the signal box in the snowplough’s cab.
    In addition to the locomotives, suitable freight wagons that use dynamic numbering are included:
    • Wheat/Corn wagons of the DB (Tdgs) in four variations
    • Wagon - dark brown with and without inscription 'Getreide' (wheat/corn)
    • Wagon - light brown with and without inscription 'Getreide' (wheat/corn)


    These wagons are equipped to be loaded and unloaded when using the assets included in this pack, and have an opening top cover when using the BR44 or any other Romantic Railroads locomotive.
    Also included are ‘Ucx’ coal dust transport wagons of the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR) and the Czech Railway (CSD). These use dynamic numbering.
    All the locomotives and wagons are Quick Drive enabled.

    Romantic Railroads German BR44 Locomotive & Snowploughs

    for Train Simulator 2016

    Download on sale now!

    Visit the BR44 Locomotive & Snowploughs product page for further information.
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