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    Saab 340A For X-Plane 10


    X-Aviation and Leading Edge Simulations are pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated Saab 340A for X-Plane 10!


    The aircraft is a study level simulation of the real world version and was developed over a period of 3.5 years in conjunction with a test group of real world Saab 340 pilots to verify the function of each and every system. The aircraft also introduces an all-new 3D sound engine for X-Plane, offering the ultimate experience in immersion through sounds, and includes 32 liveries spread across three variants included at no extra charge.


    Key features include:


    Panel Features

    • Accurately simulated Collins ProLine II Radios

    • Simulated EHSI and EADI CRT displays

    • Accureately simulated switches, logic, and gauges



    • Custom Rain & Ice effects



    • Over 215 custom lights throughout the aircraft



    • Utilizes the soundXtreme 3D sound engine

    ◦ Over 130 sound samples!


    Electrical System

    • Complete electrical system simulation

    • Over 30 busses simulated

    • Custom batteries including temperature



    • Accurately simulated Saab 340A autopilot and associated modes, including Vertical Sync



    • Default X-Plane engines and props logic overridden and custom controlled by plug-in

    • Accurate simulation of Saab Power Levers and Condition Levers

    • Autocoarsen equipped simulation

    • CTOT


    Systems Features

    • Complete GPWS

    • Yoke Pusher

    • Rudder Limiter

    • Flap Override

    • Anti-Skid brake system

    • FSP, CWP, and Master Caution/Warning systems

    • Auto-S

    • Accurately modeled Custom Anti-Ice control

    • 2-Speed individually controlled wipers

    • Fuel System accurately modeled

    • Hydraulics

    ◦ Accumulators

    ◦ Pump

    ◦ Reservoir

    ◦ Leakage

    ◦ Temperature


    ...and much more!



    Visit the Saab 340A Product Page for details and download.

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