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    Sim-wings - Canary Islands professional


    Sim-wings - Canary Islands professional - El Hierro is available now for Prepar3D V4! Though the island is the smallest of the Canaries it has a beautiful charm and its airport excites with an approach demanding the pilot´s full concentration and skills.

    A highlight is the excellent night texturing giving you a real “wow” factor when flying by night. This version for Prepar3D V4 further improved and extended light effects. Now El Hierro also has 3D runway lighting, dynamic apron lights and headlights for the apron traffic.

    New in the P3D V4 version:

    All code (BGLs) compiled with P3D V4 SDK, using new material options and being performance optimised to the new engine

    All objects optimised for new shadow technology

    New high-resolution elevation model for the island with a resolution of 5m

    Ground layout including detailed aerial image following P3DV4 SDK

    Dynamic apron traffic now with optional dynamic headlight effects

    Apron lamps with new effects and dynamic light (optional)

    New, optimised 3D runway lighting with activation/deactivation based on time of day and weather conditions

    Scenery registration following P3D V4 add-on.xml procedure

    Configuration tool to control some options

    Visit the Sim-wings - Canary Islands Product Page for further details.


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