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    Simchecklist Released


    SimChecklist.net has released their electronic checklist program, called SimChecklist on the Windows platform.

    Running as a stand alone app, it may be used in parallel with any flight simulator program (FSX, X-Plane, Prepar3D) to
    pop up a checklist window during flight. Another press of the hot key and it pops out of view until needed next time.

    Advantages of SimChecklist:

    1. SimChecklist is easy to use: press a hot-key to pop up and pop down the checklist window.

    2. Multiple checklists can be used and selected via a drop down list.

    3. Easily edit your checklists as you use it and gain experience.
       Enhance your checklists as time goes on to help you become a better pilot.
    4. Add notes and comments to remind you of important items and/or how to do certain checks, etc.

    5. 'helper' checklist files will help newbies with CDU pre-flight procedures, Tutorials #1 and #2.
       Look for them on the down load page.
    Visit the SimChecklist Homepage  for more information.

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