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    Simworks Studios F-4B/N Phantom II


    The F-4B Phantom II from Simworks Studios is the ultimate version of this iconic 1960s aircraft. Featuring the B and N variants and VRS TacPack integration, every aspect of this aircraft has been painstakingly reproduced. From the little details on the aircraft model to the sound of the pilot's heavy breathing during high-G manoeuvres, this package is an enthusiasts dream!

    The F-4 Phantom II is a tandem, two-seat carrier-capable supersonic fighter/bomber, first flown in May 27, 1958. Designed during the 1950s as an all-weather Mach 2 interceptor, the F-4 Phantom II could boast a maximum speed of more than twice the speed of sound, thanks to its two J79 engines. It was the first aircraft to be adopted both by the US Navy and US Air Force and it served with many air forces around the world in different variants. The Phantom II set a number of speed and altitude records and during its service life it proved to be a very adaptable aircraft, to the extent that it will still be in service in 2020 with some air forces.

    A high detail exterior model covering almost every F-4B/N variant to grace the skies, supported by many high-detail repaints!

    Two different versions of the F-4B cockpit, created with immersive detail

    TacPack compatibility from the outset: utilise the F-4’s arsenal against air and ground targets

    USS Coral Sea: a 1965 rendition of the USS Coral Sea with innovative features, allowing you to customise the appearance of static aircraft on deck

    Immersive flight modelling: Feel the plane when doing high performance manoeuvres

    Note: To take advantage of the TacPack functionality you will need to purchase the TacPack software separately. See the Vertical Reality Simulations website for full details.

    Visit the Simworks Studios Phantom II  Homepage for further details.

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