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    Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (RCTP)


    Pacific Islands Simulation has released Taiwan Taoyuan Int. The product is highly detailed and comes with at single installer for multiple platforms; FSX, FSX Steam Engine, P3d, and P3Dv2.5.


    Accurate terminal (1 and 2) buildings  concourses, hangars and airport layout;
    Taoyuan and Dayuan cities/districts and suburbs represented;
    Updated/extended runways 05R/23L and 05L/23R and connecting taxiways. Added HD custom runway and apron/tarmac textures;
    Custom vegetation and objects;
    3D grass throughout airport area;
    High resolution (7cm-30cm pixel) photoreal textures covering over 1026 sq mi.;
    Color-corrected ground and water textures to reflect real-world land and water colors;
    Accurate hand-placed autogen that conforms with city, town, district, and farm grids;
    Major landmarks and high-rise buildings;
    Custom night light effects and street lighting throughout the airport and surrounding areas;
    Rotating beacons;
    Animated windmill farms along coastline;
    Animated Skytrain (behind concourses);
    Static local ground service equipment, cars and planes;
    AI ground vehicle conforms with real-world road grid;
    Fully optimized for steady/smooth simulation experience. All autogen can be set to the 100% with very little impact on FPS;

    Visit the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (RCTP) Homepage for further information.

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