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    Toposim Introduce Custom Mesh Product Line


    Toposim producer of high-resolution terrain mesh products now provides custom solutions and services to Add-on Publishers, Scenery Developers, and Serious Simmers looking to enhance their local aerodrome.

    The flat-airport limitation in the FSX/P3D platform has long tormented developers and simmers alike with its creation of plateaus, canyons, and other anomalies when high-resolution terrain mesh is applied. Toposim will address these issues by creating a custom-enhanced digital elevation model surrounding the airport, that will eliminate plateaus, canyons, and other anomalies associated with the flat-airport limitation.

    Toposim Introduces Simmers to a unique opportunity
    For regional and local airports commissioned by regular simmers, Toposim will compare the default airport with aerial and satellite images and address any inaccuracies in the runway orientation and airport property polygon to create as much as possible within the constraints of the medium an accurate depiction of the surroundings of the real-life counterpart.

    Completed simmer-commissioned projects will then become part of the Toposim store and earn back a 5% royalty on future sales of that commissioned product.

    Publishers & Developers - Toposim will Enhance Your Product.
    They will work with you to fix and/or enhance the terrain mesh surrounding your major international airport project or existing product to eliminate plateaus, canyons, or other anomalies as a result of the FSX/P3D flat-airport limitation. Simply provide Toposim with your airport property polygons in shapefile format, and they design the terrain around it into as close a depiction of the real-life as possible within the constraints of the medium. The Mesh could then be incorporated into the distribution package.

    Visit the  Toposim Website for further information.

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