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    Turkey and Botswana From openVFR


    openVFR launches sceneries for Turkey (Europe) and Botswana (Africa) from their worldwide Addon Series for Microsoft Flightsimulator X and Lookhead Prepa3d. Based on data from Openstreetmap the newest sceneries were launched just several days ago and include the region of Turkey (Europe) and Botswana ( Africa)


    Turkey is geographically part of the two continents Europe and Asia. While the larger portion is part of Asia, the smaller northwestern part of Turkey belongs to Europe. Turkey is a huge country with varying regional climates with temperatures between 16C and 25C.
    The whole country is mountainous with warm summers and very cold, snowy winters. The Black Sea coast in the North is wet year round, mild in summer and cold in winter.
    In Turkey you can find gorgeous beaches and the azure Mediterranean Sea as well as rolling plains, towering mountains and isolated deserts. The whole country offers very interesting airstrips for taking-off to the perfect adventure - a land of extremely diverse scenery.
    The well known southern Mediterranean Coast of Turkey, offers picturesque coves with white-sand beaches to a landscape of rocky headlands, pine forests. The eastern part is characterized by empty landscapes of red plains, desert, lakes and snow-capped peaks like Mt. Ararat where, according to legend, Noah's Ark lies at rest. The South-eastern region is characterised by an arid flat plateau with an average height about 600m, bounded by the twin rivers of the Tigris and Euphrates.


    Botswana is in the center of South Africa and extends about the same size like France. Most of the country lies at an average elevation of 1000m, and consists of a vast and nearly level sand-filled basin characterised by scrub-covered savannah. The region's large wilderness areas are mostly inaccessible by car, so flying is the most sensible way to get around. In Northern Botswana, from Maun, visitors usually fly in light aircrafts into their camps. So when you start your own Flying Safari you could explore the Okavango Delta in the north or the Kalahari Desert in the south.
    The Okavango Delta is formed by the Okavango River, flows in from Namibia, and soaks into the sands. This place is a isolated oasis set in Botswana's harsh and arid desert. Its a 15,000km² wetland which drains away through a maze of lagoons, channels and islands, most of which are only accessible by plane. Views of the delta and the river are spectacular.
    A trip to the South, to Kalahari, shows you large sandy valleys, which covers nearly 85% of the country, including the entire central and southwestern regions. The long distances over flat ground without any recognizable landmarks, improoves your insturment flying skills, as you might check your position and heading over and over again.

    Visit the openVFR Homepage for further information.

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