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    Two new releases from Just Trains


    The CRH380A is the latest generation of Chinese high speed train, capable of running at 380 km/h and one of the fastest and most advanced production trains in the world. Features include Cruise Control, audible driver alerts, pantograph spark/flash, custom sounds, train service number display on the exterior of the cars and detailed passenger view including First Class and Second Class Coach. As well as the standard CRH380A passenger train, a CRH380AJ-0203 Comprehensive Inspection Train version is included.


    The CRH380A is designed for and interacts with the CTCS-3 (China Train Controlling System) speed and signalling system which is included in the Chengdu-Suining High Speed Route and the new Southwest China High Speed Rail Network route add-ons.




    Second new release is Southwest China High Speed Rail Network with a length of over 570 km, is composed of several high speed passenger lines and trains on the route are capable of running up to 350 km/h. The network features 22 stations and this package for Train Simulator also includes the CTCS-3-equipped CRH1A EMU used for commuter services at the stations along the route.


    If you already own the Just Trains Chengdu-Suining Route, you can expand it with a discounted edition (half price!) of the Southwest China High Speed Rail Network, giving you an extra 424 km of route to drive in addition to the area already covered in the Chengdu-Suining route!

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