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    VFR Poland Release New Scenery


    New areas of photoscenery from Poland are available on-line at VFR Poland for Flight Simulator X (summer, winter and night textures with resolution 2,4 m/px) and Flight Simulator 2004 (summer, winter and night textures with resolution 4,8 m/px).


    New areas cover parts of the West Pomerania Province, the Pomerania Province and the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Province including:


    104-416 Stargard Szczeciński

    104-417 Kalisz Pomorski

    104-418 Mirosławiec

    104-419 Piła

    105-414 Chojna

    105-415 Dębno

    105-416 Gorzów Wielkopolski (N)

    105-417 Drezdenko


    Now there are 83 flyable areas available online for FSX / FS2004 covering almost 103750 sq km of the territory of Poland. It's not a bad idea to see how Poland looks from the air!



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